ZEV7000 Electric Scooter

Claiming to be the world’s fastest and most powerful production electric scooter on the market, the ZEV7000 Electric Scooter is great for the environment and great on your wallet! Powered by electricity, the zero-emission ZEV7000 puts out a continuous output of 7KW, and is able to hit peak outputs of about 8KW and 14KW of standing start/launch power. Able to reach top speeds of about 113kph, this ZEV electric scooter generates a torque of about 184Nm. Its range is about 70 miles, and its onboard batteries take 25 minutes for a 75% top-up, while full recharging takes about 2 hours. Powered by lithium batteries, ZEV states that they are good for 3000 full charge cycles. The ZEV7000 costs $7,237. ZEV.
Via Ecofriend