You’ll be watching the 2006 Winter Games through a sony video camera

Sony will provide it’s range of high-definition broadcast and production systems for NBC’s coverage of the 2006 Winter Games this month in Torino, Italy. Sony’s HDC-1000 multi-format 1080/60P portable cameras will be capturing most of the action at the Main Broadcast Center venues and sending signals to Sony’s MVS-8000A and MFS-2000 video production switchers. NBC is using 70 of Sony’s BVM-D HD including the BVM-D14H5U, BVM-D20F1U, BVM-D24E1WU and BVM-D32E1WU units. More than 300 LUMA professional LCD monitors plus some 150 LUMA LMD-9050 9-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) multi-format field monitors will be used for HD field production. Other broadcast gear used in NBC’s coverage of the Torino Games includes: the MSW-M2000 MPEG IMX VTR; DSR-1500, JH-1, JH-3, and J-30 VTRs; HDSX-5800 router; BRC-300 robotic camera and the Sony PCS-G50 videoconferencing system. Sony will also be exclusively supplying more than 16,000 hours worth of HDCAM videocassettes plus much of its DigitalMaster 6mm and Digital Betacam format tapes. I’m glad Sony video cameras and products will be used in taping the events. I’m sure everything will run smooth as butter.
(press release)