Yamaha FZR Jet Ski 2010

Supercharged for your pleasure, the Yamaha FZR Jet Ski 2010 goes from holeshot to edge-to-edge riding effortlessly. Powered by a 1.8 liter, super high output Yamaha Marine engine, the FZR boasts the largest displacement engine ever installed in a personal watercraft, and it’s the only high-performance, four-stroke category optimized to run on Regular Unleaded fuel. This Yamaha jet ski’s hull and deck are made using cutting edge nanotechnology, making it ultra-lightweight and ultra-strong while delivering gains in acceleration, top speed and performance-driven handling. The FZR also comes equipped with the Quick Shift Trim System, which instantly changes the attitude of the watercraft while running, giving you tighter turns and quicker acceleration. Make waves for $13,199. Yamaha.