Yamaha Drive PVT Golf Car 2010

Designed to be more comfortable, more responsive, and more drivable, the Yamaha Drive PVT Golf Car 2010 makes getting there much more fun. From the golf course to around the neighborhood, the Drive PVT’s 357F gasoline engine makes it fuel efficient, quiet, virtually vibration free, and produces low emissions. Built on the HybriCore Chassis, this Yamaha golf car is tough and light, and its Sentry Wraparound Protection System offers 360° protection against scrapes, scratches, and bumps. It also comes equipped with a deep, supportive seat that holds occupants in place while the car is moving. Other features includes ClimaGuard top with dual gutters, EnduraDrive transaxle with internal disc brake technology, and Tru-Trak II fully independent front suspension.Yamaha.