Wheego Whip NEV 2010

Wheego wants you to Whip it (whip it good!) in their new NEV offering for 2010. Designed for drivers who want to make a difference, the Whip is powered by an AC Brushless electric motor and 96 Volt AGM battery system. Able to carry two eco-conscious passengers, this front-wheel drive Wheego NEV comes with all the perks a regular vehicle does, including power-assisted windows and steering, AM/FM CD Radio with MP3/USB and air conditioning. Other features include power-assisted front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, rear roof deflector, eco meter in dash display, On board vehicle charge port and cabin heater. You can drive the Whip away for around $19,000 (minus a potential $7,500 from the federal government). Wheego Electric Cars.
Via Boing Boing