Waterproof backpack – Boblbee Amphib

Amphib is an ergonomically designed and comletely waterproof backpack from Boblbee. Developed for extreme sport user who wants to carry and protect the bare essentials while maintaining maximum body movement. Excellent for kayaking or canyoning, this compact waterproof backpack provides a great support for carrying skis and boards. Shells made of vacuum expanded foam adjust to the body, support it and allow carrying heavier loads. Wide shoulder straps are made of top quality neoprene to follow the movements of your arms. It features a water tight roll top, a goggle pocket inside the lid, pole/ice axe attachments, quick lock straps for skis and boards, and a built in shovel guard. Beside being waterproof, Boblbee Amphib backpack is also very light and shockproof. Price is 129 €. Also, Boblbee Megalopolis Aero Ergonomic Hard Shell Laptop Backpack