Epic Elite Camera Housing


New Epic Elite Camera Housing makes it possible to take actions shots with your video camera while doing water activities like snorkeling, surfing, wake boarding, […]

Wego Kite Tube Recall


Are you into extreme activities, sports etc. I didn’t think riding the Wego Kite Tube was such an extreme activity until I found out that […]

Hobie Mirage Sport Pedal Kayak


Providing a new way to fish, the Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak is a hands-free, pedal-driven kayak that provides everything a fisherman needs including speed, comfort, […]

Perception Acadia Scout kayak


It’s always a great to get your kids involved in your hobbies. The Perception Acadia Scout was designed from scratch to fit kids from 8-12 […]

Intel’s Surfboard


Say hello to the Intel surfboard! In a way to promote their new Centrino processor to beach babes, surfers etc., Intel had implemented a surfboard […]

Amphibious Kick Scooter


This concept electric kick scooter by Jieyu Design works on land and as a propulsion aid in water. On land it functions as a normal […]

perception eclipse 16.0 kayak


A combination of initial stability and speed has made the Eclipse series one of the most popular expedition touring series ever sold to kayakers. The […]

FCS H-2 surfboard fin


There are many different surfboard companies out there, sadly many of them use a hit or miss design technique for their products. The H-2 isn’t […]