VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum Class A Motorhome

Sure, we might be in the middle of a recession, but if you’ve got a few extra bucks floating around, think about splurging on the VARIOmobil Perfect 1200 Platinum Class A Motorhome! Sparing no expense when it came to including every luxe feature imaginable, the Perfect 1200 Platinum is built like a tough motorhome on the outside, but inside is designed in “bentART” ambience. Outfitted in cherry wood furniture, leather upholstery and high-tech conveniences, this VARIOmobil Class A motorhome also comes with a hydraulic operated car garage that can fit a compact car. Other features include granite flooring, Corian countertop, bar table with floor cupboards, extendable couch and rain shower in the bathroom. VARIOmobil.
Via Bornrich