Upgrading to a Luxury Custom Van

Most consumers are unlikely to associate the words “van” and “luxury” with one another, but the truth is that these things aren’t as mutually exclusive as many might think. In fact, a burgeoning industry for custom-designed vans is giving customers access to a number of great new features that can help to entertain family members on a long trip, keep them comfortable even for short drives, and redefine exactly what a van is, in terms of its comfort and appeal to a broad section of buyers.

Custom Vans Can Become Mobile Entertainment Powerhouses
In recent years, custom vans have been given a serious entertainment upgrade, with many models coming with their own built-in DVD or Blu-Ray players. Combined with the ability to sync mobile phones and pair mobile tablets with these vehicles via Bluetooth, there’s no limit to the entertainment choices available to passengers of all ages.
But custom vans take things a bit further. These refined vehicles can be customized so that each headrest is turned into a mobile LCD television screen, displaying content from a centralized unit located either in the roof of the vehicle or in the center console area where the stereo and other controls are located. This allows the van to become a personal entertainment experiences for passengers of all ages, even on longer trips that might otherwise test their patience and endurance.
Seats Can Enjoy a Serious Upgrade in Custom Vans
Consumers typically associate van seating options with either plush fabric or leather options, but that’s not where the choices end with a custom van. Instead of merely settling for cloth seating, leather options, or vinyl coverings, customers can choose higher-grade leather that is both more comfortable to sit and more endurable to work with over the life of a vehicle. And the type of covering applied to the seat isn’t the only area where custom vans step luxury up a few notches.
Van seats are notoriously inconvenient, prompting people to climb all over them and risk their safety in the process. With a custom van, this requirement is removed. Buyers can choose to install middle seats into the van that actual swivel on an axis, thereby removing the need to creatively climb all over seats when attempting to reach passengers in the rear of the vehicle. It’s a commitment to convenience and refinement that simply cannot be found in factory models, and it’s one of the leading ways that custom vans are helping to redefine both the market segment and the term “luxury” itself.
Block Out the Sun with Mini-blinds
One thing that characterizes virtually every van is that natural sunlight can easily deter from the built-in entertainment options available. It can also ruin the naps that help younger passengers survive longer road trips throughout the day. This is a problem for typical vans, but not for those that have been expertly customized.
Instead of relying on mere window tint to keep out the suns brightest and harshest rays on long trips, customized vans can actually feature retractable mini-blinds that block the sun out entirely. Best of all, they’ll only be installed on the windows that won’t negatively impact the visibility of the road when someone is piloting the vehicle. That commitment to safety and comfort is a hallmark of the van niche itself, and both drivers and passengers will be relieved when they can enjoy a sun-free, high-safety trip.
Custom Vans are the Very Definition of Luxury
There’s no need to settle for the vans that roll off of factory assembly lines any longer. Custom options allow consumers to enjoy robust entertainment options, highly comfortable and convenient seating, and even home comforts like mini-blinds that increase the safety and enjoy ability of a typical road trip.
About the Author
Blake Arbogast is a custom van enthusiast and blogger who loves all things design and technology. He is also the ecommerce director of GMCconversionvans.com which shares information about the van industry.