Travelers utilize gym through airport

workout or wait in airport.JPG
“Flight 167 to Orlando has been delayed due to storms and bad weather patterns” You have most likely heard announcments similiar to this one at some point in your traveling career. It happens all the time either the weather is bad, the runways are packed, the planes aren’t working right whatever… in all cases you have to sit in that uncomfortable terminal frustrated about updates that only prolong your waiting. Why not go to the gym? It turns out lots of airports have gyms that are just a short taxi ride away and a few even have them inside or in nearby airport hotels. Kevin Gillotti is someone who needed to stay in shape for duathlon competitions and hated waiting at airports so he started on his airport gyms web site. His website lists more than 50 health clubs in or around airports in the US and even Canada. There are two for Midway and O’hare airports in illinois for example. Next time you take a flight check to see if one is near an airport in your flight plan.