TranStrap Subway experience enchancer

So the subway gets packed and your left standing amongst lots of smelly people with no where to go. A sharp turn and bam! You smash into the old paraplegic trombone player who looks at you bedazzled, uttering slurs in an unknown language… This could have all been avoided with the patented TranStrap. The TranStrap acts as an ingenious handle and provides a comfortable, hygienic, secure grip of the overhead subway bar. This personalized subway experience enhancer goes on and comes off easily and can be stowed in a purse or pocket. There are three American made models which include the TranStrap Original for $16.95, the TranStrap DX for $19.95 and finally the TranStrap Reader Sling for $12.95. Don’t forget to add flair and enhanced comfort to your TranStrap Original or TranStrap DX with the TranStrap Loop Sleeve available in black, blue, red, and green colors. Round two old man!
Subway Strap-On (Gizmodo)