Thor ACE Motorhome 2013 Combines Class A and C

The new Thor ACE Motorhome for 2013 is a luxurious castle on wheels. What does ACE mean you ask? Well these Thor ACE Motorhomes “combine the best features and family friendliness of the easy to drive Class C Motorhomes with the space and convenience of a Class A Motorhome.”

So if you need the specific amenities of a Class C RV, like the overhead bunk for the kids, but want the comfort and all the storage space that goes with the Class A coach, this might be something to look into.
And since many buyers can no longer afford or will pay high prices for over-accessorized Class A coaches, more consumers are now looking for basic models that contain the essential performance and residential features needed for comfortable, efficient RVing that are now within budget.
Cool features of the Thor ACE Motorhome 2013 include the dedicated exterior compartment which can accept more than four batteries, depending on size, the large rear pass-through storage bay that boasts 85 cubic feet of space and pet-friendly features including a retractable kibble station, curbside front window for exterior viewing, and scratch-resistant vinyl floor covering. Check out the site here.