The new Fort Printers in Galle, Sri Lanka

The Fort Printers in Galle, Sri Lanka used to be a college so the suites are called the Headmaster’s, the Prefect’s, History, Geography, and Arts. There are only five suites but each has its own unique features. History, Geography and Arts Suites have high and airy ceilings, exposed original wood beams and polished wood floors. The Headmaster’s Suite overlooks a pool in the inner courtyard and a lighthouse. The Prefect’s Suite overlooks an azure lap pool and includes a separate shower room with an antique bathtub. The villa is operated as an elegant private residence and offers an imaginative menu that uses fresh seafood and organic, local produce. Two dedicated chefs plan the menu for the day based on guests’ preferences, and lovingly create delicious Sri Lankan curries, grilled fresh seafood and Mediterranean inspired specialties. The hotel also includes a Pool, Alfresco dining, and yoga sessions. If you happen to be in this part of the country check this place out. Rates vary from $150-$250.