The comfortable bigha bike is A rolling work of art

Bicycling is a very beneficial form of transport. Whether commuting or sightseeing, you will see, hear and feel more. The truth is
that most bicycles are uncomfortable and designed for racing even while most bicyclists don’t race. Racing designs trade comfort and durability to try and get every bit of speed out of the bike. Do you need that? You’re not competing in the Tour De France! The Bigha bike is designed for comfort and provides a full seat with seat back compared to the a regular bike where you sit on a tiny seat and have to lean forward in that annoying crouch position. In the Bigha bike you sit upright so your hands and wrists carry no body weight. Some bike features are a LCD display with back light for nighttime viewing which gives you an update on everything from temperature to speed, a 100 decibel alarm, a button-operated horn and many more. Check out all the features here. Comfort doesn’t come cheap as these bikes cost from $3,900-$4,600. But hey! This ain’t nothin like grandma’s bike. (even though she’s like to ride it)