The 5 Things you Should Avoid When Planning that Holiday

Going away on a holiday soon? The key to having a great time is to plan your trip properly, and avoid making the same mistakes that others have made before you. Here are five things that will help you make your travel safer and easier. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t repeat them!

1. Do not go somewhere without reading a travel guide first
This first step is the most important one, and though it might seem obvious, it is crucial to always do some research when you are planning a holiday. This research should not limit itself to the hotels you want to stay in or the restaurants you want to eat at – safety is also a key point: what are the areas that tourists should avoid, where should you go when you bring your children and where is it safe to dine alone?
2. Do not forget to read online reviews from fellow tourists
The one thing that makes travelling in this era so much better than say, ten years ago, is the ability to read opinions and thoughts of people from all around the world on just about any subject. People can exchange tips with each other on travelling forums, and you’ll also find reviews of places at sites like Google Maps. See what others like in the places you’re visiting, and also what they do not like!
3. Do not forget to save emergency numbers to your phone
Safety comes first, so here is another tip regarding your peace of mind: make sure you have the numbers of the police, fire station and hospital saved to your phone and written on a piece of paper to carry with you in case you lose your phone. Hopefully, nothing will happen, but if it does you should be able to reach the local authorities with ease.
4. Do not underestimate your financial planning
Always set some money aside in case of emergency. If, for example, you like lose your luggage or passport, you want to have enough money on you to get back home safely. Bearing this in mind, you can make some easy extra money for your trip before you go at
5. Do not get tricked!
If you book anything online, check with a travel agency you trust whether the hotels you are planning to stay at and other services you want to book are, in fact, real. Anyone can set up a pretty site and pretend they offer a service, which, in reality, is non-existent. Don’t fall for this and only pay money beforehand to places you know you can trust.