Thailand Chiva-Som International, Hua Hin spa

Thailand is the perfect place to go for the ultimate spa experience because of its culture. The beaches speak for themselves, the food is on the light side, and well they practice Buddhism which everyone knows is centered around mindfulness and meditation. The seven acre Chiva-Som International, Hua Hin Spa opens up to the Gulf of Thailand and with a name like Chiva-Som which means “Haven of Life” who would say no to going. The only health and wellness spa in Southeast Asia can also proudly say that twenty-five percent of its guests have relaxed there three times or more. The Spa offers a wide range of spa and holistic medical treatments like Ayurvedic therapies, Crystal Therapy, acupuncture as well as activities like, Mala Meditation, tai chi and Pilates (Studio). You can pay anywhere from $345-$990 but check out the specific rates here.