SylvanSport GO Mobile Adventure Gear Camping Trailer – now in full production!

It’s camping season – time to get up and GO! The SylvanSport GO miniature camping trailer isn’t your average trailer. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:
GO Mobile Adventure Gear Camper is a 3 in 1 towable vehicle that morphs from a compact, traveling profile to a rugged ‘toy-hauler’ mode to a spacious and comfortable camping configuration in one integrated, lightweight unit which can be pulled by almost any vehicle. GO can handle 800 lbs. of gear and accommodate top-mount racking systems for bicycles,
kayaks and more.
For its ‘toy-hauler’ mode, GO is designed to raise the Rack System to a height of 50 inches for large gear – ATVs and motorcycles. GO’s Control-Tilt deck releases at the front, angling the deck toward the rear. The tilted deck lowers gradually back to level with a hydraulically controlled return. The camping configuration features a weather-proof tent system and a sleeping surface equivalent to a king-and-a-half-sized bed. The living area is easily configured into multiple variations using the lightweight interior panels.
GO was designed to be an extremely lightweight vehicle, capable of being towed by small, fuel efficient cars and SUVs. The material choice for all structural components is custom extruded aluminum. Storage components are made from rotationally molded recyclable LDPE and thermoformed recyclable ABS. Small, protective components are made from injection molded urethane. The tent material is lightweight polyester and wheels are custom cast aluminum alloy. Many subcomponents are made from machined aluminum and steel and there is a variety of miscellaneous ‘off-the-shelf’ components.
While designing and engineering the GO presented a myriad of design and engineering challenges, the overriding challenge was to produce a completely new interpretation of what a mobile camping vehicle can be, to meet the tremendous variety of needs of today’s active outdoor enthusiasts.
The design team had to begin by designing and engineering a product that addressed the various and distinct demographics (ranging from retired bird watchers to young mountain bikers) and functioned equally well for the tremendous variety of uses (camping, hunting, biking, kayaking, motorsports) that the users would be putting the product through.
The team also designed the GO to be able to meet the various requirements of the different distribution channels, ranging from “big box” retailers to specialty outfitters and RV shops. Another significant challenge was to design for manufacturing. The GO had to be a radical departure from the typical construction methods of the RV status quo. By introducing materials
and processes inherent in gear manufacturing companies (thermoformed and rotationally molded plastics, custom aluminum extrusions, lightweight polyester tents, etc) the design team was able to bridge the gap between traditional RV design and an all new design paradigm for this product.
Finally, to be able to take all these various design and engineering parameters and blend them back into an innovative product that functions and appeals to this disparate range of consumers, ended up being the challenge that GO was most successful at achieving.
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