Suunto M3

This brand new Suunto M3 wristop computer, available in March 2006, helps sailors and windsurfers get the perfect start (often the difference between losing and winning). With these two sports, to ensure a perfect start, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. With the Suunto M3, you can determine the favored end of the start line and see the time to the start line in connection with the start timer. During the hectic moments before the start, the countdown timer lock ensures that the timer synchronization isn’t changed by mistake. The overly large numbers and loud signals keep you well informed of the time left to the start. While out on the course, the Suunto M3 provides assistance by enabling you to determine the bearing to the next race marker, and compare it to the wind direction, before reaching the turning point. This information gives you the ability to steer the correct course right after the turn (a valuable advantage over your competitors). Another feature lets you mark the wind direction with the rotating bezel to track and memorize wind shifts. After racing, the race times and time stamps can be reviewed from the watches logbook.