StowAway Swingaway Bike Gear Rack

Take your bikes with you on your travels with the StowAway Swingaway Bike Gear Rack. Able to be used both as a bike and cargo rack, the Swingaway Bike Gear rack can fit and cradle up to four bikes. With plenty of room for your other gear, this StowAway rack rises 6 inches and swings up to 180 degrees, giving you access to the rear of your vehcile. It comes equipped with soft rubber cradles and straps that are easy on your bikes, and when it’s not needed, the bike rack portion is removable, leaving you with a handy rack for just your gear. It also comes with a hitch tightener to prevent hitch wobble and a single key cable lock and hitch lock. Pick one up for $419. StowAway2.