Stainless steel wallet

If you are really fretting about the latest identity theft trend, you know, the radio-frequency hacking that allegedly scans credit cards, passports and badges, get this stainless steel wallet and sleep peacefully. Made with 25,000 flexible stainless steel threads that are three times thinner than a piece of paper, the wallet is durable and corrosion resistant, yet smooth as silk.

The stainless steel wallet has a durable, smooth leather trim, 6 credit card slots, 4 internal pockets, and a divided large pocket for bills. Sold between $80 to $90 everywhere, but you can literally steal it at Sportsman Guide for under $25. Larger stainless steel wallet for ladies with 12 credit card slots, and 4 bill pockets sells for $130, but I am pretty sure, you can find it cheaper too.