Chevrolet T-Rex car of the future


The sleek looking T-Rex was submitted to Australian Design Award competition this year by Alexander Vittouris, a student at Monash University. The main idea is […]

Mazda CX-7 recreational vehicle


The Mazda CX-7 crossover SUV will go on sale in November. This recreational vehicle will be priced below $50,000 and use a 2.3-litre direct injection […]

Aston Martin Rapide


For $250,000 they say the Aston Martin Rapide is the best way of getting three girls to go out with you at once. Probably true…

Toyota Fine-X Fuel Cell Hybrid


Toyota just revealed its Fine-X fuel cell hybrid concept cat at the Tokyo Motor Show. Design was centered on comfort and practicality more than performance […]

Koenigsegg CCR


Koenigsegg is a local Swedish supercar builder whose vehicles are street-legal in some countries and not in others. Not yet street-legal in the United States, […]

BMW X6 (2008)


This is the new BMW X6 (available in 2008). It looks like a cross between a sports car, coupe and a SUV. The technical details […]

QT Fun Car


Here’s a new concept in affordable sports car motoring by Unique Motor Company … These cars are low-power, performance fun cars that fit even the […]

New BMW 1 series Sports Hatch


Here’s my first glimpse at the new BMW 1 series in Cannes, France where the lowest model 116i starts at 28,800 Euros (34,912.90 USD). The […]