Sonim XP2 Spirit Cell Phone

Rugged and tough, the Sonim XP2 Spirit Cell Phone is designed for the avid adventurer. Stylish enough to use at work, the XP2 Spirit is made to be used and abused outdoors. This Sonim 3G-capable cell phone is the latest addition to the company’s Xtreme Performance series. With a unique octagonal shape to better withstand drops, the XP2 Spirit features a high-quality magnesium core, and comes with a waterproof outer shell made from hardened rubber, fiberglass and nylon, as well as a GORE-TEX covered speaker for extra protection against the elements. Other features include 3-megapixel camera with LED flash, a suite of Java applications and a multimedia player and a 2″ high resolution display. Sonim.
Via Coolest Gadgets