Innovus Solar Messenger Bag


This Innovus Design “Fusion” Solar Messenger Bag w/ optional PowerPac uses power acquired from it’s solar panels to charge external batteries as well as internal […]



So your on the beach on a sunny day, and your umbrella is actually powering your stereo. Cool right! The Sunbrella provides a source of […]

Solar-powered bus stops


These environmentally friendly i-SHELTERs were created by Carmanah, a Canadian company. Whenever you walk into one of these bus shelters, solar-powered LED lights will greet […]

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Solar–Powered Fan Safari Hat


Another cool solar–powered hat though this time it’s safari style. Keep yourself cool in the jungle, on the beach, or any other place you might […]

solar-powered fan cap


Yes! It’s true! The greatest invention of all time is finally here! No, not the computer? Something much more ingenius! The solar-powered fan cap! Other […]

iSun Solar Charger


If you like to carry around a lot of gadgets the iSun solar charger will help you provide power for devices like mp3 players, radios, […]