Solar-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

This new solar-powered underwater vehicle was designed to provide better observation and monitoring of complex aquatic systems in testing dissolved oxygen levels for example, as well as applications to environmental management and security and defense programs. How you ask? Using integrated sensor microsystems, pervasive computing, wireless communications, and sensor mobility with robotics, these SUAVs will network with one another in real time to assess a water body as a whole. Even the U.S. Navy has paid attention and will evaluate their use for coastal surveillance applications. The SAUV weighs 370 pounds, moves slowly at 2 miles per hour, but can dive to depths up to 500 meters. New pro-earth technology! Great!
Check out this journal of Field tests of two SAUVs ,SAUV II and REMUS, in Lake George, NY at the Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute.
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