SeeFree Visual Spam Blocking System

Sick of distracting billboards? As a traveler don’t you want to to focus only on historical monuments and beautiful views, rather than companies logos overlapping them? Want to drive safely, with your attention not being diverted by catchy images and slogans? Forget commercialization, and the visual pollution of public spaces! Pick up
the SeeFree Visual Spam Blocking System. These glasses will effectively filter out all “visual spam” with cutting edge image-recognition and augmented-reality technology. Amazing! Inside the SeeFree Visual Spam Blocking System is a sophisticated “brain” microprocessor system that processes all visual information in your sight in real time. Two tiny cameras in the frame of the glasses provide the microprocessor with hi-resolution video feed that ensures a high level of image recognition and reduces amount of mistakes. A great idea for those who hate real life spam and are willing to pay $1499.95 to remove it.
Reclame-spam-filter bril… (GadgetGarden)