Saitek A-250 and A-200 portable speakers

There are a lot of speakers out there … yeah … but not lookers like these! These speakers from Saitek combine sharpness and sound and are designed to be used separately or combined.
The A-250(on top) is priced at $175 US and gives you the choice of playing music wirelessly from either your PC or Mac or directly connecting to any audio player. This 2.1 stereo features a pair of 3W tweeters, 3W woofer, and an oval-shaped LCD. Take this travel gadget to the beach with you and it will run for up to 24 hours on just 4 AA’s.
The A-200(bottom) is priced at $140 US and has the same stats as the A-250 but lacks the wireless capability. It makes up for this with its EAVS (Expanded Air Volume) system which increases the bass performance of the speaker greatly.
Both of these will be available in October.
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