rue de l’Annonciation – my little parisian paradise

I love traveling to Paris… When I am there I always stay on a little hidden pedestrian street called rue de l’Annonciation. I believe I get a true feel for real Parisian life on this street. Sure I could have chosen to stay in an overly busy part of Paris… but then I may as well have been in any other city. Rue de l’Annonciation is the real taste of Paris, with its open fruit markets, screaming salesmen, little caf├ęs with elegant outside seating, and a variety of neighboring shops. After scaling down almost every mile of the great city of romance I have decided that there is no other street like it. Cars are not allowed in my little paradise as people walk to buy fresh fruit and goods like strawberries, cherries, fish, and native rotisserie chicken straight from the farm. You don’t have to walk too far to be reminded of Americanism though because a McDonalds is right on the corner. The menu is much different though. The street and the surrounding neighborhood are inhabited by upper class apartments with genuine architecture in the prestigious 16th district. A small convenient store lies on the corner where you can buy good French wine for less. You are only a 10 minute walk away from the subway station which is perfect for site seeing and getting around. The Eiffel tower is a 15 minute walk away and you can see its top from neighboring streets. A perfect way to really let Paris sink in!