RevoPower Wheel Gas Powered Bicycle

The RevoPower Wheel is a really cool new invention that makes your regular foot powered bicycle into a Gas Powered Bicycle while letting you travel cheaply, efficiently, and easily. The RevoPower Wheel is simply a 25cc two-stroke gas-powered engine and gears within the front wheel of a bicycle. Revo says it can be installed on any bicycle by any person with very basic mechanical skills.
All you have to do is select your bike (most bicycles with 26″ wheels will work), remove your old wheel, open your new wheel, and install your new wheel. Sounds pretty simple to me. Your just replacing it! Your new Gas Powered Bicycle can now travel for 200 miles per gallon at a top speed of 20 mph. To start the engine simply start peddling while the wheel can be used manually or motorized at any time. The RevoPower Wheel is expected to come out in the first quarter of 2007 retailing around $400, but you can reserve your wheel today at Revo.
Via Gearlog