REVAi Classe NEV

Drive everywhere with class, in the REVAi Classe NEV. A fully automatic, two-door hatchback, the Classe has enough room to comfortably fit 2 adults and 2 kids, while its tight turning radius allows you to park and maneuver in the city with ease. Powered by a high torque, 3 phase AC induction motor, this REVAi neighborhood electric vehicle can be charged using any 220 V outlet. A full battery charge takes about 8 hours, giving drivers a range of 80km, and its onboard charger ensures its safety in case of any voltage fluctuation or any electric spikes. The Classe even comes with a cool A/C system that’s remote controlled so you can switch it on while it’s parked or charging. Other features include a CD/MP3 player, automatic hill restraint, and automatic computer controlled indicator for power consumption and regeneration. REVAi.