Reef Fanning Sandals

Thong sandals, though popular, are not very comfortable everyday use sandals. The folks are travelgearblog purchased these Reef Fanning Sandals, around $40, and reported that after wearing them everyday for a month they still remained securely attached to the feet instead of stretching out like most sandals do. The airbag (common in basketball shoes and not in sandals) in the heel of the Fanning provides more of a cushioned feel. Another sweet feature is the bottle opener on the bottom of the sandal, great for opening Coronas or any other non-domestic beer. Or you can just use your teeth like they do in Mexico… but the dentist and I don’t advise it. This innovation even won the Reef Fanning sandal the 2005 SIMA Thirst Quenching Technology Award of the year. That’s wonderful! And off course they look really cool… choose from lime green, blue, brown or black.