Rage’N Wide Body SURV Towable 2008

Go wide with the Rage’N Wide Body SURV Towable 2008. Available in five roomy floor plans, the Wide Body offers more room for your favorite toys, as well as your favorite people. Sporting eye-catching exterior graphics and plush interiors, this Rage’N SURV towable provides comfortable surroundings for man and machine. Boasting a 30-inch wide radius entry door, the Wide Body’s garage comes with a high pressure rinse off system, great after a long, muddy day outdoors. After a hard day of play, relax in your luxe surrounds. When it’s hot, crank up the 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioner and sit back plush sofa. The galley is stocked with an eight-cu.-ft. Dometic double door LPG/electric refrigerator, pull-out pantry and three-burner stove. Rage’N RV.