Quechua sleeping bag – Sleepin’Bed Ultralight

Get yourself a Quechua sleeping bag, preferably their Sleepin’Bed Ultralight 5L and you will be enjoying your outdoor adventure in comfort even at 3°C, as long as you pick the correct size bag. Designed for bivouacking on a hike, this ultralight sleeping bag weighs 2.8 kg when compressed, with built-in self inflating mattress and pillow. Quechua design includes ergonomic collar at the shoulders and the anti-cold zip for optimal protection against the cold as well as excellent puncture resistance. The bag is easy to turn in, and you can sleep in any position. Due to its elasticated flapped duvet system, the Quechua Sleepin’Bed Ultralight bag is way more comfortable than a conventional sarcophagus sleeping bag. Its ultra-technical mattress allows for maximum compression. You can buy this sleeping bag for just £50. Quechua. Other lightweight sleeping bags.