Pure Strength exercise equipment

With 9 separate elements, the Pure Strength line of exercise equipment from TechnoGym helps users to achieve their advanced weight-training objectives. The performance-focused design ensures a very high degree of training comfort, with all the possibilities offered by free weights. The objective of the machine is to simulate the feeling of using free weights, while optimising the performance of each routine through the ergonomic and bio-mechanical design of the equipment. The key elements and benefits of the Pure Strength exercise line are
– ergonomically designed Pure Grip for more the effective and comfortable push and pull movements due to distributing load more evenly
– Body Print System special high-density upholstery filling that adapts to the shape of the body, providing a stabilizing effect and maximum comfort during exercise
– Visual yellow flags that show the correct position of body on the equipment for easier adjustments and more effective training
– safety, performance and low maintenance
TechnoGym. Also see Anterior FLEXability exercise machine and Excite Jog treadmill.