Psolar Outdoor Performance Gear

Psolar Outdoor Performance Gear works great for any cold weather outdoor activity. As you inhale cold air, the module gently warms the air returning heat into your body. Check this out! The Patent Pending mask features a QXtec module that is made of desiccant coated plastic. The desiccant grabs the moisture from the air, forcing a phase change from vapor to liquid. This phase change releases heat that is added to the natural heat of exhalation, warming the plastic. This warmth is transferred to the air as it is inhaled – creating a warm “breath of sunshine.” The heat exchanger is up to 80% efficient, meaning that at 0 Degrees, your inhaled breath can be warmed to over 75 Degrees before it enters your body! Psolar Outdoor Performance Gear offers 6 different styles to choose from and prices around $40.