Playstation 3 hits stores in 2006

People have been looking forward to the release of Playstation 3 for a long time. Sony is reporting that the PS3 will hit stores next year. This super computer will be featuring a new multi-core 3.2 GHz Cell processor that reproduces movie-like video game quality. Other feautures include, a Blu-ray Disc ROM (BD-ROM), used for storing up to 54 GB of game data, new futuristic cable-free control pads (can plug in as many as 7) and a detachable hard drive. Wireless internet access is at your fingertips along with, HDTV support, wireless LAN and Bluetooth compatibility. The operating system is not yet clarified but the integrated cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems. Yeah this one is going to be huge!
Playstation 3: The countdown begins… (Sony)
Playstation 3 to hit stores in 2006 (Gadget Madness)