Honda Cub


Sam Jilbert designed this hydrogen fuel cell concept based on a Honda Cub Design. He explains: “I’ve based this concept around the Honda Cub, which […]

bombadier embrio concept


Remember the Segway Human transporter? Bombadier, the same company that produces wave runners and airplanes created a similar concept that uses gyroscope technology to balance […]

Cell Phone freedom on airlines


The British Civil Aviation Authority are allowing mobile phones to be operated in calendar, photo viewer or similar mode. This is great progress for phone […]

The fastest airliner ever


To date the fastest airliner is the Tupolev Tu-144 which was reported to have reached Mach 2.4, or 2,587 km/h (1,600 mph). The Tupolev TU-144 […]

Sony NVXYZ777 3D In-Car GPS


GPS systems keep getting better and better. The Sony NVXYZ777: 3D In-Car GPS has an optional in-dash DIN slot which stores 30GB for map data […]

Madre Knife Proof Clothing


The next time you are in Malaysia and your being chased by money hungry gang lords because for some reason they thought you did them […]

WIFI on the go


Traveling and can’t find any WiFi spots? Sometimes finding that much needed internet signal is harder then spotting a shooting star in the night sky. […]

Topeak Bikamper


When I first saw a picture of this thing I knew I had to post it. Topeak Bikamper is the perfect addition to any mountain […]

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