North Beach Fl. rated best beach by Dr. Beach

best beach.jpg
Stephen P. Leatherman, or Dr. Beach, one of the nation’s most recognizible authorities on beach quality and ratings has rated North Beach in Fort DeSoto Park as this years winner for beach of the year. North Beach lets beach goers bask in 900 untouched acres and seven miles of faultless beaches. The beach ranked highest because of its lush sugar sands and dunes as well as others categories in Dr. Beach’s 50 criteria. Second place was claimed by the not so well known Outer Banks of Ocracoke Island in North Carolina. Third place was given to Hanalei Bay Kauai in Hawaii. Yahoo’s online survey of top 10 beaches had different results with Waikiki beach, Hawaii in first place followed by Key West, Florida. I guess there’s a difference between best and favorite.