Multiple Canoe Kayak Trailers : Featherlite 1693 Recreational/ Utility

Multiple canoe kayak trailers like this Featherlite 1693 Recreational/ Utility Trailer are the way to go if you’re serious about getting all your favorite watercrafts there in one piece and together. These Featherlite 1693 multiple canoe kayak trailers were actually first designed to haul motorcycles, but now serve one more function thanks to a new optional rack to haul canoes or kayaks. This new canoe/kayak rack is easily removable, allowing the trailer to remain versatile for hauling all types of other cargo like motorcycles, ATVs and lawn mowers. Overall, this is a great trailer for those who don’t want to limit themselves to a trailer that can only haul one type toy! Check out some more specs below…

Bumper pull trailer Model 1693 is six foot, six inches wide and available in
lengths of 10, 12 or 14 feet. The optional rack includes two H-brackets and
two 12′ 2 x 2 angles.
Model 1693 comes standard with a 44″ x 75″ ramp, eight (10′ & 12′) or 10
(14′) stake pockets and LED clearance and stop/turn lights. The aluminum
construction of its frame, ramp and floor creates a lighter, easier towing
trailer that is extremely durable.
Model 1693 is available with numerous other options, including a side ramp,
a two-foot tall removable side kit and a bi-folding ramp gate that reduces
wind drag when hauling.
For more information on Model 1693, call 800-800-1230, visit a local dealer
or visit the web at
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