MP3 Inventor Develops Tool to Fight digital audio Piracy

Thanks to the Fraunhofer Institute, inventors of MP3 audio compression, stealing digital audio music will be harder and even more risky! Music piracy has it’s pros and cons: unknown artists get noticed faster – well known artists lose millions, but in the end I figure the listener will steal anyway. This new software system, based on the group’s own digital watermarking technology, for tracking pirated audio files in peer-to-peer file-sharing networks will for the first time be used in a system to automatically track pirating in P-to-P networks. Yikes!
So “If, for instance, you purchase and download a CD, burn a copy and give it to a friend and that person puts it on a file sharing network, our system will trace that digital audio back to you and, depending on the legal system of the country you’re in, you could be [hit] with an expensive fine,” Kip a spokesperson for the institute says. “This could certainly help deter online music piracy.”
(yahoo news)