X-Treme XM-160 Moped


Put the pedal to the metal on the X-Treme XM-160 Moped. Powered by a gasoline-fuelled four-stroke engine, the XM-160 is a breeze to drive and […]

Roketa Aruba 150 Moped


Sharp, sleek and powerful, the Roketa Aruba 150 Moped will change the way you think about personal transportation. With a 150cc, forced air-cooled engine under […]

Veloteq Cavalier RSV-GT Moped


The Veloteq Cavalier RSV-GT Moped is a beauty you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Redefining elegance and chic, the Cavalier RSV-GT […]

Daymak Cairo Moped


There’s no need to take a trip half way around the world when you can hop on the Daymak Cairo Moped anytime you want. Reaching […]

X-Treme XM-5000Li Moped 2009


One of the newest additions to X-Treme’s line of mopeds, the XM-5000Li runs on lightweight high powered Lithium batteries – the first street legal electric […]

Tomos Arrow R Moped 2009


Fast and funky, the Tomos Arrow R Moped 2009 proves that sometimes less really is more. Covering all your around-town transportation needs, the Arrow R […]

Roketa MC-95-250 Moped


This isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill moped – this is the all-new Roketa MC-95-250 Moped, and we bet you’ve never seen anything quite like it! Sporting […]

Veloteq Commuter RSV750 Moped


Make your commute to work a fun one on the Veloteq Commuter RSV750 Moped. Built on a stainless steel chassis, the Commuter RSV750 offers amazing […]

Daymak Gatto Moped


In this economy, every penny counts. Stretch your transportation budget on the sporty Daymak Gatto Moped. Equipped with a Motor Power 500W engine, the Gatto […]

X-Treme XM-3000 Electric Moped


Everything about X-Treme’s XM-3000 Electric Moped is extreme. Sporting an eye-catching blue on black or silver on black exterior, the most amazing feature on the […]

Tomos Revival TS Moped 2009


The classics never go out of style, and the Tomos Revival TS Moped 2009 is a perfect example of that fact. Showcasing timeless evolution of […]

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