G-Bike City Moped


Ideal for short distance commute, the G-Bike City Moped is a pedal-assist bike for those who don’t mind using their legs every once in a […]

Roketa Tahiti 150 Moped


Hot style and fiery speed both come standard in the Roketa Tahiti 150 Moped. Powered by a 150cc, CVT, forced air cooled engine, the Tahiti […]

Veloteq Challenger GT Moped


Getting around will never be a challenge again, thanks to the Veloteq Challenger GT Moped. Great for urban commutes, the Challenger GT is powered by […]

Daymak Rome Moped


Save the planet one mile at a time on the Daymak Rome Moped. Eco-friendly and energy saving, the Rome looks like it just flew in […]

X-Treme XM-3500Li Moped


Light and fast – an amazing combination that’s realized with the X-Treme XM-3500Li Moped. Getting its juice from lightweight high powered Lithium batteries and a […]

Roketa Maui-50GL Moped


Go tropical anytime you want – just get on the Roketa Maui-50GL Moped. Zipping around with a 50cc CVT forced air-cooled engine, the Maui-50GL doesn’t […]

Veloteq Commander SHO-GT Moped


Find adventure anywhere you go on the Veloteq Commander SHO-GT Moped. Boasting high-tech performance, the Commander SHO-GT is powered by a 500W BLDC gear reduction […]

Tomos Streetmate Moped


It looks like a motorcycle, but don’t let its looks fool you – the Tomos Streetmate is all moped. Powered by a 49cc two-stroke, single-cylinder, […]

Daymak Smart E-Bike Moped


Intelligent people get around on the Daymak Smart E-Bike Moped. The ideal mix of muscle and electric power, the Smart E-Bike gives you plenty of […]

Roketa Bahama-150 Moped


Feel like going tropical? Get on the Roketa Bahama-150 Moped and you’ll feel cool. Powered by a 150cc, air-cooled engine, the Bahama-150 is a breeze […]

Roketa MC-54B-250 Moped


If you’ve just got to get there fast, then let the Roketa MC-54B-250 Moped get you there in style. Powered by a 250cc, water-cooled, four-stroke, […]

Veloteq Sorrento Moped


Take charge of your transportation budget on the Veloteq Sorrento Moped. Sporting distinctive Italian styling and aluminum accents, the Sorrento turns heads no matter where […]

X-Treme XM-3100 Moped 2009


Certified green, the X-Treme XM-3100 Moped 2009 is one of the latest additions to the company’s line. Powered by high- powered Lithium batteries and a […]

Daymak Naples Moped


Bringing a bit of Italy to North America, the Daymak Naples Moped is a blur of red and white on the roads. Powered by a […]

X-Treme XB-508 Moped


Forget the expensive upkeep of a standard vehicle – you’re riding the X-Treme XB-508 Moped. About 75% less to operate than a motorcycle, the XB-508 […]

Roketa MC-16-50 Moped


Available in all the colors in your crayon box, the Roketa MC-16-50 Moped adds brightness to any day! Powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, the […]

Veloteq Cougar XR8 Moped


On the prowl for a vehicle that weaves in and out of traffic with ease while saving you a ton on transportation costs? Then you’ll […]

Daymak Vienna Moped


Affordable to buy and to drive, the Daymak Vienna Moped is the smart choice for your wallet and the environment. Powered by a 350w CPU […]

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