Mini Bicycle Caravan Called QTvan

If you thought biking long distances was hard enough, a QTvan Mini Bicycle Caravan like this one will insure you get a good work out! And while most cyclists sleep out of a smartly packed pack, you’ll be able to show them a thing or two with this fully-equipped QTvan Mini Bicycle Caravan that comes with a full-sized single bed, 19” television, drinks cabinet and tea-making equipment. And offcourse if you’re rockin an electric bike it’ll be smoother sailing.

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) commissioned the bicycle caravan during Green Transport Week to illustrate the efficiency of the bicycle. Yannick Read, who designed the bicycle, said: “The caravan illustrates the versatility of the bicycle. Bikes don’t just beat traffic, get you fit, save you money and go easy on the environment, few people realise how much you can carry or tow with them.” You can buy this mini caravan for a price of £5,500 (US $9,145). No word on where to actually buy the thing:(