Archer Field ultra-rugged Field PC


The Archer Field PC works great in harsh environments by being able to withstand an amazing amount of immersion, shock, humidity, and extreme temperature. This […]



With the iPlay you can access all the music and video shared in your home, play it, or send it to your TV and HiFi […]

mPack P600 pocket theater


The “mPack P600” by Power Quotient International will be released on November 12th in Japan. It is a portable media player that features and integrated […]

Philips Tune In


This new gadget from Philips consists of a flash-based player that can broadcast its signal to nearby Tune In devices and receive tracks the same […]

HD DVD’s for real!


Yes, you’ve heard the rumors and it’s true, HD DVD is a reality. Expect big competition between BluRay and HD-DVD to conquer this new market. […]

The Pepper Pad


This new gadget from Pepper is one of the ideal ways to experience everything your broadband connection has to offer, especially for travelers. It’s smaller […]