Malaria Protection Wristwatch

Deadly Cases of Malaria can be been found in places like Africa, the rain-forest and other mosquito ridden environments. Thanks to South African inventor Gervan Lubbe’s watch you can prevent concocting a serious case of Malaria. His battery-operated, water-resistant wristwatch has the ability to potentially prevent up to a million deaths annually. Here’s how it works: 4 times a day, the watch will take a blood sample from your wrist for malaria parasites. If you get a parasite count above 50 you will be alerted with an alarm and picture of the mosquito on the display. All you need to do is pop 3 tablets within 2 days and that will kill all traces of the parasite before sever symptoms can occur. There have been 1.5 million orders worldwide so far. Pick it up for $280, health is worth every penny!