The Loftcube will appeal to the nomadic person who living for short periods of time in the large cities and dense urban areas wants a temporary Sanctuary. Loftcubes where thought up to be constructed on the roofs of existing architecture: highrises, buildings etc. The body of the loft cube can be customized how the user desires. The four outer walls of the Loft Cube are separate segments that can be made transparent, translucent or closed versions. Louvre windows with horizontal wooden slates provide ventilation. Seems there are two models available the LC39, which provides 420ft of living space and the LC55 with 588ft. The price for this high kind of lifestyle complete with bathroom and Kitchen is as follows: $136,000 and $180,000 respectively. Plus the price of installing your LoftCube on a high rise via crane or helicopter and rooftop rent. No doubt we will see more and more of these in the future. Loftcube.