Led Lenser Frogman Waterproof Divers Torch

Here at Travelizmo we love extreme sports. Diving isn’t that extreme, and snorkling is even less extreme, but when partaking in these activities it’s great to have the Led Lenser Frogman Waterproof Divers Torch. Professional divers know that conventional lamps do not do much for you under water. Refraction rules out long ranges. The LED Lenser Frogman Waterproof Divers Torch, $64.95, has an axial collimator which attains a strength of focus that was before considered impossible. The head part of the lamp is made of high-grade steel, and the body of shockproof synthetic material. Put in Four AA batteries = 50 hours of light. The chip has a service life of 100,000 hours which will outlast you. Have fun just don’t shine this bad boy in your eye. A fantastic rugged light for fisherman, divers & boating enthusiasts!