Biometric wallet


To me it is a bit of an overkill, but if you have $825 USD to spare, you can get this biometric wallet from dunhill. […]

bigha starseeker chair


The Bigha starseeker chair, $1,950.00, is your personal stargazing sanctuary. It can Turn 360° via a computer-controlled DC motor, and tilt back with simple body […]

Atmospheric Data Center


This Atmospheric Data Center ADC Pro measures all kinds of atmospheric data such as wind, temperature, altitude, barometric pressure and humidity. The ADC series (ADC […]

Motorcycle Simulator by Honda


Honda presents a motorcycle simulator for the driving test in Japan. This latest invention seems made more for scooters than for regular bikes. Are you […]

rubber radio


This rubber radio designed by Marc Berthier and made by Tykho Lexon is built entirely from splash-proof green rubber! Simple but different, this radio is […]

Webley WASP Metal Detector


Yeah so the other day I was digging up last years profits from pimping and completely forgot where I hid my loot. I went over […]

S-board Skateboard


When I was 13 I used to treat my body like a test dummy skateboarding at the local skate park. Take a skateboard, subtract two […]

French Porta Potty


I took this picture in June when I visited Cannes, France. I found it interesting that porta potties there charged money. These street toilets take […]