Kershaw E.T Urban Camo Knife


The Kershaw E.T Urban Camo Knife, one of Kershaw’s newest knives, is made of a 3 1/4 inch Sandvik stainless-steel blade with a Tungsten DLC […]

Leatherman Vista hunting pruners


These Leatherman Vista Hunting Pruners free up space so you don’t waste time looking for single tools. Leatherman Vista Hunting Pruners come with a comfortable, […]

meteorite knife


The Midnight meteorite knife, designed by Daniel Fronefield, features a hand forged damascus blade in the san-mai style. It consists of 80 alternating layers of […]

Van Hoy Snap Fire knife by crkt


The Van Hoy Snap Fire knife is an award-winning Ed Van Hoy design of Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Pointâ„¢ Serrated Cutting Edge with a patent pending […]

Madre Knife Proof Clothing


The next time you are in Malaysia and your being chased by money hungry gang lords because for some reason they thought you did them […]