Kawasaki 800 SX-R Jet Ski 2010

A highly evolved and powerful beast, the Kawasaki 800 SX-R Jet Ski 2010 screams across the water. Driven by a 781cc twin-cylinder engine, the 800 SX-R delivers high performance and offers awesome throttle response. Outfitted with a waterproof maintenance-free CDI system with digital advance, this Kawasaki jet ski gives you reliability and durability, and its digital microcomputer accurately controls ignition timing. Boasting an advanced hull design, the 800 SX-R provides superb stability, while its fiberglass reinforced plastic ensures it’s light and strong. Other features include a shielded jet propulsion system, large capacity fuel tank and automatic bilge-pumping system. Get screaming for $7,299. Kawasaki.