Jeep Trail Edition Folding Camping Trailers

Hit the dusty trails in search of adventure with the Jeep Trail Edition Campers. Available as an official Mopar accessory from any Jeep dealership, the camper comes in two models – the standard Trail Edition Camper and the Extreme Trail Edition Camper. These Jeep fold-up trailers are easy to transport and offer sleeping space for four. They come with a queen-size bed, built-in aluminum cabinet, 110-volt power supply and a premium canvas enclosure. The basic model comes with 32-inch tires and 12 inches of ground clearance, while the Extreme Edition features 35-inch tires and 15 inches of clearance. Pricing starts at $9,995 for the basic model and $11,995 for the Extreme. Jeep.
Via Autoblog